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Located in Central Dayton

2 Chapel Options

$699 Direct Cremation

$1500 Graveside Service

$2500 Complete Funeral

How We Compare

Grunn Direct Cremation - $699 includes:

- Transportation directly to crematory
- Basic services of funeral director & staff
- Cardboard Cremation Box and a Plastic Urn
- Securing all permits and cremation fees
- 1 Certified Death Certificate
- (1) Download Cremation Authorization Form
- (2) Download DC Document. (Needed for Death Certificate)

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Bodies over 350lbs must add $100.

Newcomer Direct Cremation - $1,470 includes:
- Transfer of remains to funeral home
- Basic services of funeral director & staff
- Refrigeration prior to cremation
- Securing all permits and cremation fees
- Add $150 for Cardboard Cremation Box
- Add $25 for 1 Certified Death Certificate

100% Customer Satisfaction.

I am the owner of Grunn Funeral Home. I believe every family should have a positive experience. My priority is to make sure everything is/was done according to your expectation.
W. Eric Lusain
Owner and Licensed Funeral Director
(513) 241-0003 Direct to Cell

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Learn How to Save on a Funeral:
Whether you use our services or not, we teach you how to save on a funeral. Topics include:

(1) FTC Rules allowing you to provide your own casket.
(2) Not releasing your loved one until you price shop.
(3) Benefits of weekday services and closed caskets.
(4) Tips on how to negotiate.

(5) Information on Veteran's Benefits
(6) Information on Social Security Benefits
(7) Online Memorial Cards

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